Our services offer to link your current technology systems to new Business Processes, unify internal and external layers for higher integration with latest technology trends and products.

We constantly scrutinise the marketplace, and our brands, to ensure providing independent advice to our customers along with the most cost effective solutions. The future is going to develop along the lines of being able to integrate voice and data together across an organisation, as well as remotely to connect globally. New technology advancements and mobile services are coming on-stream every day to facilitate this functionality, and organisations are continuing to seek ways to reduce overheads by integrating multiple devices and strategy.


Strategic relationships with key Brands and Services vendors puts us in leadership position to offer reliable and most advanced products and solutions.

Specialised application integration with devices which are bundled with services is our leadership position in the market.

We build business agreements and SLAs matching to the same standard globally, with adaptations to meet the specific needs of local market. This enables us to bring the international standards customised to suit regional requirements at professional levels.

With the growth in the information technology services and data flowing through multiple devices, it is more important than ever that data centres are responsive to the changing needs of business.

We offer comprehensive, in-depth assistance and advice on data centre design and administration, focusing on four key aspects: performance, efficiency, agility and manageability. This simple yet effective approach gets the results you are looking for and adds significant value to your business.

We understand that operational excellence and customer service are the key to the efficient, practical supply of IT products and solutions to the end user.

i-Net always thrives to build enviable reputation in account management and customer service by offering a consultative approach in our services. Our team work closely with customers to understand your business needs and recommend only the most appropriate solutions and products.


Utilise technology and marketing strategies to support your Business Goals and sustainability.

We believe that all companies need vision, as we have ourselves, to look to the future and make informed decisions for the way forward. Without this vision there is great risk that your organisation becomes stagnated and fails to grow, or becomes weakened by its competitors. Our aim is to focus on sustainable business models which can take the organisations to the forefront of technology advancement.

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