Special projects and custom solutions

Make us available and listen to our partners means special requirements which demands custom solutions.

We venture in to special projects which needs customisations beyond the regular requirements. Deploying a team of professionals to handle such projects are part of our services in this division. Any organisation offering Custom Solutions is only as good as its people. iNet is headed up by leading experts in their fields, each having an unparalleled understanding of the critical issues affecting the market at any given time.

Our entire analyst, research and project execution teams are based in-house and are supported by iNetís extensive network of in-field analysts and consultants, ensuring that regardless of the segment or geography, market, cultural and country specific nuances are captured and their significance fully understood.

Server Clusters and Private Dedicated Clouds:

From server farms to a two dedicated server web cluster, tell us your vision and we provide the solution. Server clusters consist out of multiple dedicated servers to do several different jobs on your own private network. Web server, database server, application server, load balancer, hardware firewall, iNet can tailor a web cluster to your exact requirements.

Private Dedicated Cloud? We got it. Operate your own Cloud distributed over multiple dedicated servers (hypervisors) including an enterprise-level cloud management system.

Application Hosting and Terminal Services:

Let us do the IT setup and maintenance and you take care of adding new value to your business. Host your software and applications on our reliable network and make them available to your employees and customers from all over the world, 24/7. With iNet's uptime guarantee and dedicated support we are there for you when you need us. Our experienced IT staff can customize your server and setup terminal services or other remote access connections so your mission-critical business applications are under one roof and accessible to your audience.

Secure Storage and Big Data Solutions:

Store data, share data, backup data. On demand Inet can provide the right storage solution for you. We can offer you a managed data backup plan, to fully backup your system and keep your data safe and secure. Further we can setup redundant storage servers and storage area network (SAN) configurations to fulfil all your database needs on the highest level of scalability, redundancy and performance.


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